Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hello again!

I haven't exactly been that great keeping up with my blog over the past year. I have been busy going to college, working full time and taking care of the home. I decided recently to avoid burnout that I must make an effort to make time to knit.

Recently my knitting sprees have been all about socks. Now I am the type of knitter who makes some/one sock(s) then gets bored. Not this time. I have made quite the socks lately. I have yet to finish an entire pair, but I am working on that. I discovered if I make one sock, then start a different style of sock I can then go back and finish the second sock from the first pair. Right now I have five pair of socks in the making. This helps me avoid boredom and get them done. I am almost finished with an entire pair so I will be down to four in the making any day now.

Going to school to learn medicine is tough on the brain. So much to learn and the human body is ridiculously amazing! Knitting is really helping me to relax a bit more and I find myself not so stressed about the stupid amount of papers that I must write.

Currently I am knitting a pair of Jaywalkers by Grumperina. I love them!,...or it as I am just on the first one. I knit them in my new favourite yarn, Crazy Zauberball on size us1 needles.
I tried adding a photo here, but it does not work very well on the ipad. You can view my Jaywalkers on this link.

To view my Jaywalkers, click here.

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