Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Weekend

So here it is once again Easter weekend. I do not know where the past year has gone!

Everyone will be enjoying a nice Easter Holiday with family, but unfortunately I have somewhere to be on Easter Sunday so I will not be having a nice dinner. But, that is ok. It's Thanksgiving dinner that would upset me if I were to miss it. 

So as promised, I want to show you what has been going on lately in my little knitting world.
Last weekend my sister and I drove 4 hours to Pittsburgh to attend the Knit & Crochet festival held at the Weston in downtown Pittsburgh. 

While there I got to look around and see lots and lots of yarn, buy lots and lots of yarn etc, and finally meet the wonderful ladies at Three Irish Girls. 

My very first design was published by them back in 2010, the Virginia shawl. While it is a simple design it seems to have taken off really well with the pattern purchasers and still to this day is being knit up in different ways. While at the Three Irish Girls booth I was able to see my shawl on display knit up two ways. Here is a picture of me (in gray) and Erin when I first entered their booth holding my design.
I also scored free yarn from them, much to my surprise! I saw a beautiful hat pattern in their booth from another designer and I wanted to make it. So, I picked up the yarn and was digging out my money when I was told I would not be paying for the yarn. Designer perks I guess!
These are the colors for my hat which is named High Fidelity Hat designed by Ellen T. Andresen. The yarn are mini skeins which will be just enough to make one striped hat! Aren't the colors amazing!? 
You should check out Three Irish Girls website and pick up this months club packet for Sock it to Me. It includes some beautiful yarns and a new design by yours truly.

My sister and I attended a Pj party hosted by StevenBe!
He is a character and is so warm and welcoming. I just loved him! My sister was also being filmed because he had his camera crew there and twice he picked her out. I am excited to see the end result.

That's all for now!

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