Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Busy Day

Today we had to get up early even though I wasn't really up for it. I had to get to Skatteverket (Tax Office) to get myself registered under "Immigrants moving to Sweden"...nice.

I need my personummer so I can do things here in order to live and receive certain things.... blah blah. So anyways, we take the tram into Central and head over to the office, which I thought would be busy and Paul and I both thought would be a hassle just to get me registered. It went fast, like 5 minutes. So we left and headed back here to the house, and it was freezing outside! I survived.

After that was finished we got the car and I drove us to IKEA to get a wardrobe to assemble for me to put my clothes in...I have to say that getting this thing in a mini euro car was the funniest. The box it was in was as long as the car itself and I had to drive with it all the up the middle of the car,blocking my view of the right side. The stupidest thing I said to Paul at an intersection was " Is there any cars comming from the left?"..uhm...I was on the left, he was on the right. he says to me "your on the left, I can't see over there!"..duh.... I'm an idiot. So we did manage to get home safe, but was hard to drive when you can only see out of one side of the car, going through round-a-bouts left and right, we just kept laughing about it. This thing was a pain to put together, nothing lined up right..........

when all was said and done I think Paul and I did a very good job!(Finished Product)

We are pretty exhausted now, but I'd say we had a pretty good day! Time to just sit back and relax. :-)
(My Paul relaxing)


Maja said...

Aw, look at how neat your new wardrobe is! I want my stuff to be that neat but Geezer keeps messing it up (I want his stuff, which is MY stuff too really, to be that neat as well).

Mrs CeCrux said...

Sucks you can't just...take it form him and tell him tough titties..lol

jim said...

you did a fine job on assembly.well done sis! ! ! you always were handy just like paul said,no doubt about it. u go girl! :) :)

jim said...

Paul, you look like your ran 50 miles,was up w/that she really keeps you busy huh? one thing for sure never a dull moment with her !