Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

(It was the beginning of the night and Mimmi was already giving it a thumbs up!!!)

(Michael singing karaoke)

Left to right.. (My mother in law, Me, Father in law, Aunt Magdalena)

(Tyson was drunk too!!!)...j/k...but he looks it!!

We had one hell of a time.....I couldn't ask for a better New years then to spend it in Sweden with my new family and friends....Though there are some things that I worry about, looking back on these pictures of last night. First of all.....

(Carolina...serving food??)

On her knees even!!!

Some of us were just sitting around a little....drinking and drinking and drinking....Mimmi and I had some 'mixes' we made....some people got a little tipsy in the beginning...I was one of them till I ate something.Which reminds me. I don't think I seen so much food all at once outside of a restaurant!

(The star of the night, Devon!)

(Me, Cheryl, Winnie & Devons head)

(Another one Mimmi?????????)

(Mimmi & her brother Michael)

(Me, my husband Paul and his sis Carolina)

left to right...(Olivia, Le-my,Winnie)

(Le-my & Michael)

(Mimmi, Le-my, Me & Carolina under my arm)
We were forcing Le-my to drink whiskey! These were all before the BIG 12 0'clock !!!! We drank, acted like idiots a little bit, laughed....sang karaoke again like at Christmas, played games and pumped the tunes...Eventually it turned midnight and we all went upstairs to ring in the New year by jumping up and down with money in our pockets to bring us good fortune and listened to the guy on the TV say it was midnight. We all hugged each other....had some champaign then went outside to set off fireworks and watch shitloads of other fireworks that everyone else in Gothenburg was setting off. There were so many it lit up the whole sky...I could only catch one good one on the camera. And it rained....yuck!

These are all pics just taken after midnight..........

left to right.....(Christopher & Christopher & Mimmi, Niklas & Michael)

(Paul & I)

(Mimmi & Niklas)

(Paul & Mimmi in front & me yelling 'Michael' when I was looking at Niklas...Ooopps!)

Michael the devil (far left) & the rest of us outside watching fireworks in the cold!
left to right.....
(Michael, Angela, Dustin, Me, Paul, Niklas,Christopher, other Christopher & Mimmi in the front.)

(Michael & Mimmi doing the sparkler dance? in the rain)
I wonder about those two sometimes!!

(Me, Mimmi, Michael)

(My one and only picture of the fireworks)
Do you know how hard it is to catch those damn things just at the right moment? Almost impossible.

(Me and my honey freezing our asses off in the cold to watch the fireworks)
Actually I was cold, Paul was

Mimmi, what have you in your hand that you smoke? Ohh.. It's a cigarette !!

When it all comes down to it, we had a great time......



Maja said...

Aw you all look beautiful :) Happy new year Kimberly, Paul and tyson!

Mrs CeCrux said...

Thanks majjy!