Monday, February 19, 2007

Farm Animals

Paul and I went for a walk to Bläsebo which is a part of Hjällbo today and we came across some funny goats and
The goats just wanted to get scratched on the back, which I did through the fence....and the piggies just wanted scratched behind the ears, which I did that too.

Was funny though because I was snorting at the one pig and he would snort back. Made me laugh. I didn't take a picture of that piggy though.

Here piggy piggy !


Wedding Day

I also received pictures of my sisters wedding today. She just got married 2 days ago, February 17th and I'll only post a few pix. It's a shame I had to miss it but my brother is going to burn a dvd for me of the wedding..yay!

Left to right...
My dad & Joe, my sister Cindy & my momma!

Cindy & my brothers wife Lisa

Joe doing the obvious to my sis !


jim said...

well well what do we got going on here lol

Maja said...

I love farm animals! Especially ones that like to be scratched :)

Your sister looks beautiful on her wedding day :)