Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well I had my 2nd day of school today to learn the Swedish language. It was interesting and I have to admit it's fun. I wasn't sure what it would be like to be back in school again but it's good. I have met some new people who are in my class that are very nice. I never thought I would ever see myself in a foreign country sitting in a classroom with people from all over the world like Jordan, Africa, Iran, Phillipines, China, Brasil, Russia, Poland, Australia & Spain. I am the only American in my class and it seemed a little strange at first to be the only one from my country there, yet at the same time it felt good. It's hard to explain.

The teacher is really nice and he is from Austria so when he says some things to us he has an accent which is hard to understand all his swedish words because of it. In the end we get it and he speaks NO english at all in class..it's all Swedish, everything. He takes his time and repeats things till we understand what he's saying, and if we still do not get it then he will explain in english. Two people in the class don't even know english so I think it might be harder for them. I also do my best to use what swedish I do know to ask questions when I don't understand. I can go all day without speaking english in school, only because it's very basic right now.

Either way I am happy I am doing this and getting the chance to do it so I can understand people here more and what more can I ask for in life then to be fluent in another language? In 6 months the class will be over and we should all be able to get by in swedish in everyday life and hold a normal conversation. I'm excited to do this!


Maja said...

Good on you! I did an icelandic class while I was living there, even though I knew the language, so that I could learn more grammar. I did actually learn a bit in the course. Everyone else was from different countries and it was great to meet people from other countries.

Make sure you try to speak swedish as much as possible with Paul at home! The best way to get good is to speak swedish all the time.

jim said...

well im glad to hear your doing well.i know you pick up fast and in about2 month from now i bet you will be ably to say anythingin sweed. i guess the tough part will be the possible writing the words in a sentence. being in school is different im sure and great on your part. for as me i get some schooling from work but it is verry difficult at times due to law changes and products we use and the way current product procedures change due to some issues they give.it is getting to the point some of us fear that the fed govt regulation requirements,and everything else as they change can possible keep some of us to be qualified to do the work. my recent schooling 2 weeks ago was on hazardous material and i was so so lucky to get qualified. well im wishing you the best and good luck! i have faith in thee :)