Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today was an easy day in school. We even left early! by 30 minutes. I was so pleased, BUT some students had to stay till normal time because they are not up to speed with the rest of us. The reason for that is because the class they were supposed to be in didn't have any more room, so they got put in a faster class, our class, and we are more advanced then them. So Richard, our teacher, decided to try and help them today while the rest of us got to leave.

Four of us decided to take the spÄrvagn to Haganskyrka and look for a nice cafe to have tea or coffee. It was a pretty place and I have to say we enjoyed ourselves getting to talk some more. The 4 of us stick together a lot in school so it was nice to be together out of school too. Haganskyrkan has pretty pebble sidewalks and little cafes and shops everywhere. I loved it!
There is a spot back there though where you see this tower, I think it was built by the vikings, and it sits up on top of a hill, many many stairs leading up to it. Would deffinately take some time to get to the top, but I want my husband to go there with me, to walk back in there in the shops, up the stairs to this place. It would be so nice to do this with him. A little romantic you know? I'm going to mention this when he wakes up. My poor honey is sick.

For now though I am going to show my pictures the girls and I took today in Haganskyrkan and then go do my homework. No school tomorrow..woohoo!!

Left to right...
Bernadette...... Eliana......Faye
(Switzerland) (Jordan) (Phillipines)

Them again...

Left to right...Bernadette, Eliana & Me

This is Hagakyrkan...this part of the city
is named after this church 'Haga Church'


jim said...

hey girl glad to hear your doin learning thing is probqbly difficult at times but it seems to be great on your part,well im sure with all the friends and family there they helping you with the best they can.
i hope you dont mind but i borrowed your story as i really see that there is some good and innocent ppl out there.which they do suffer in their own uncontrolled reasons.thanx for your visit and i found nmoms blogger and ive learned a few things and thanx for your adding it here.
and your welcome to take,borrow as well for i dont mind.i would like to get my friend(chris) to visit as she always visits more than any and she is so kind.and i learned from her that she is going sort of what you did with paul but her mate is living in hawaii(eric). and they have a great relationship even though they see eachother every 2 to 3 month. i hope it works for them both. ok, ill be visiting again and dont be afraid to visit as i try to lv comments on ur's here and there.
tell all i said hello and ill chat ltr.
gl in school :)xoxoxo

Maja said...

I love those paved streets they have there. It must be quite an experience to live somewhere that's been around for so long. Sweden looks very cool. I stayed in Malmo for a night once on my way to Iceland.

Yay no school!

Mrs CeCrux said...

me too maja..I love the looks but don't wear heels and walk on kills your feet! I know malmö..its south of me near denmark.

hey big bro..nah i don't mind you borrowing from my site...if we weren't related i'd have to kick your ass kidding.