Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sometimes, not often though, I think about the book I once started to write, over 2 years now since I began to write it.....I was asked about it just recently so I thought I would post the first little section of what its about....

Often enough Liz let her mind drift back to the memories. Back to a time when she thought she could do anything and felt invincible, and back to a time when she thought life, as she knew it was perfect. It was a place she would hold in her heart dear, along with the man who was once the love of her life. The man she would never forget and the impact he left on her. She was a woman who was in love with the father of her son whom had passed away ten years ago. Letting go was easier said then done when she had Richard to remind her everyday.
Until she met Leo, a widowed father who shared the same grief as her from losing a loved one. He would teach her how to put everything in the past to rest, look forward to the future, and love everything in the present, including him.

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mom said...

Wish you would finish the book and have it published.