Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blah Hum-blogger

I know I have not blogged since easter, or right before, but school work just tripled...a lot of reveiwing and now a test comming up in the next week or two. Once again we went to Vjättefjäll Nature Reserve and let Tyson swim in the water to chase the pinecones we threw in for him.

There were so many frogs there in the water. It was crazy. On the trail to the water there was a little run off with some water in it and a froggy. I SO wanted to pick it up, but didn't in case it was a wart frog....I didn't think about it before but my husband was just in the kitchen a few minutes ago making fun of me because of how I act when I see an animal, of any sort...I have to say I am a dork. He nailed it right on the head.

Me: Oh my god!!! looky its so cute!! a little froggy, oh my god I want to pick it up, oh my god look at it..aww....etc etc..yup I am a dork.

I grabbed a piece of dried grass to pet it with,eventually the little bugger croaked at me, probably saying 'back off bit¤h'


MOM said...

hey girl, you are not a dork. never was n never will be. i do it to,lol. so we love animals. love you.

Maja said...

I found a frog when I was weeding yesterday, I just accidentally picked it up with some dirt. When it started to jump around I panicked and threw it far over the fence. Oops.