Friday, May 18, 2007

You know...

I found some fellow bloggers with whom I used to read everyday about a year and a half to two years ago, has it been that long? I always enjoyed reading the poems and stories and viewing the pictures, and it made me remember that there was a time I started writing a book.
I worked on that book for over a year. It's still unfinished, sitting here waiting to be completed. I don't think I want to get it done to be honest. It had a purpose in my life and I think it served its purpose. Another 75 pages maybe and it would of been finished.

I feel somedays that I need to write. I get inspired when I read what everyone else is doing and I get in the mood, but I never act on it, thats the sad part......I think I need to get back into what I used to do when it comes to being creative. I have a different life now though, I no longer live in America and I married a fellow blogger and moved to Sweden...maybe I should take from this experience in my new life and adventures and write from that.

Everyday is different,
each one its own little life
making stories
seeing faces
each face has its own life to tell.

Thoughts rage through
wondering what was seen
how bad it was
how good it is

It feels like its never enough
not for me
not for them
not for anyone
not anyone who shares my life

I think too hard
I laugh too much
my mind wanders all over
wanting to discover

Will it ever be?
Maybe not
maybe soon
only time will tell
what's to become of me


SleekPelt said...

Hello, Mrs. Cecrux. Your fine poem has planted some thoughts on the search for contentment in my mind, which I will carry with me through this life that I call Friday. Thanks!

Maja said...

I always mean to write more than I do. All those profound thoughts that I have while I'm cleaning or gardening or working or in the shower... all forgotten the moment I pick up a pen.

mom said...

Awesome writeing Kim. keep it up. i love to read what you write. i wish i could write like that and get my thoughts on paper. that is not my talent. we know what mine is now don't we, lol. love you,xxxxx mom

Mrs CeCrux said...

Sleek:Glad that I could be of some help!

Maja:I understand completely...Thats the best time to think, when your doing something...but when the idea hits, you don't have a pc or a pen or something, you kind of just enjoy whats going through your mind at the time, only to be forgotten later. I know what your talent is? should I know? do I WANT to know mom?