Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nånting att tänka på

Well my life so far is good....

I moved out of the country and into Sweden....
I am an immigrant.

I can have a simple conversation in Swedish, though I know my grammar will least I can speak it. So I have been here about 7 months now and I completed my first part of schooling, SFI kurs C....In August I will go on to the 2nd half, kurs D which is the final course. Unless you want to go to SAS, which is the big big one!! That actually is the final course but I won't need to take that because I am not planning on being a rocket scientist. Only now instead of doing just that I will also attend culinary school at Burgården.

I am so happy that I can do this. Yesterday when I attended the meeting I was a little nervous that maybe I was going in over my head. I heard the other people who were there also speaking Swedish so good that I felt like I was at ground level. Then I thought about it and realized I am sort of because I just got here, but you know what? Considering I just got here, I think my swedish is good, and besides..those other people have been here way way longer then me and it's only natural that their Swedish is much better then mine.

I will be in a class with people of my level, even when we leave the classroom to go to the kitchen I will mostly work with those on my level, which I think will make it easy on everyone, but there will be times I will have to work on my own of course and sometimes everyone will work with the higher classes. All in all I know that I can do this.

I will be learning in school...

Swedish food culture in theory and practical work
Kitchen hygein
Swedish language class course D...
Home knowledge
Consumer Knowledge
Provisional knowledge
Orientation & guidance
Vegetarian food

and also....all kitchen terms and techniques and of course we will cook too..
I got to see the kitchen where everyone will work..I was SOOOOOOOO excited! It's just the coolest. You can click HERE to see more!! My school..yay! And this HERE is the restaurant where some of the practical work will be. It is right inside the building. You can click on a link to the left for english version of the website.

The big thing for me is making my parents proud. It is all I want from them. I know back home in the USA you can't just go to school again unless your loaded with money or you get some sort of scholarship etc etc...and loans and more student loans. I just want to have something I never thought I would have...I want to do things that maybe nobody thought I would ever do, like travel the world,which I have done...go back to school,which I am doing, and really really be something and have something for myself that I worked hard for.

When I think about living in Sweden, going to restaurant school here and learning not in english, but in a whole other language and actually doing just does something for me deep down in..and the only person I think of is my mother, hoping for everything in this world that she is proud of me.

I really really want to do everything that is unexpected.....

I still can't get over that I can learn something thats not even in my native tongue..may take me years to get over it.

I alla fall, jag ska göra te eller kafe nu och sitter med min man och titta på en film, som heter...uhmmm jag vet inte!!!


mom said...

hej kimba,
no matter what i am and will always be proud of you.i may not always agree with what you may do. i will still love you and be proud of are my daughter so it goes with out saying, I Love You and always will.

Mrs CeCrux said...

thanks mom!
love you too...xxxx

Maja said...

I think it's amazing what you're doing. How exciting!

I think that learning another language gives you a lot of confidence in yourself and makes you realise that you're capable of just about anything.