Monday, July 2, 2007

Days off !!

So it's monday and I finally have today and tomorrow off after working a very busy week and weekend. I just can't get over how many people come into the place, filling up every seat inside and out and also standing in a line all the way out the door on the's crazy! So I just cook food for everyone for hours on end non-stop....I love my job! It's a lot but I love it.

Yesterday when I came home from work there were a lot of people here. Lots of food was nice. Pauls childhood friend came in from Australia with her boyfriend and the party was basically for her. She is really cool and I like her a lot. We got into some conversations about the difference between Sweden and Australia..and it turns out that Oz is SO much like the USA...if you get sick and miss work you lose money if your out of sick days etc etc...child care is expensive..just everything they told me is so much like home. Made me glad I live here. Also you have to pay for the ambulance if you have to get rushed to the hospital in Aust...same in the US..not here in doesn't cost you anything..funny how the world works.

Well I have a few things to do around here....waking up close to noon is going to make my day very short but at least I got to sleep this late instead of waking up at 4 am for


mom said...

Hi Kim, glad you have time off to rest up after a long hard week of work.
kool you got to meet ppl from Aussie. makes me jelouse,lol.
love you, mom xxxx

Old Knudsen said...

Money based countries disgust me, no customer service its all about the almighty buck.

A lot of racism has developed in Australia which is sad cos I love Aussies, they are more like my people than the Yanks are. A lot of Muslims there and I hear a lot in Sweden too because of the war, but the USA won't take any, not right that.

Mrs CeCrux said...

I have to say knudsen that in the USA there is great customer service,where as here there is almost none, and the US is money based practically..but i guess you get what you pay for there....that doesn't mean its great all the time...but at least i got service back home. your right,there are lots!! of muslims here like you can't imagine, but this country takes them in because sweden has open borders..the USA doesn't, so they take them in, but you have to file first, you can't just go there unexpected as a refugeee in the US because of terrorism and just because it's not their rule.

hey mom...well first of all she is swedish and her boyfriend is english..they just happen to live in australia now. they are good people.