Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm back!

For anyone who cares, I am back from the USA since yesterday evening...and here are all my crazy pictures..


I have stories to tell...but as I am still tired from the long trip home because I didn't sleep on the plane, and school today, I'll save it for another day. Let me just say that being sick the whole time because of the extreme weather change is not fun! USA was about 36 degrees celcius while Sweden is like 14 degrees celcius.

I hated the heat and humidity!..yet it felt good..hmm..


Old Knudsen said...

Welcome back though yer not actually here but still. And a blog change, thats a nice doggy I've a black pit/lab cross.

jim said...

nice picts kim,they were great.hope your cold gets better.i know the weather was horribly and humid.i wished it was a little cooler for you so it was better tolerable 4 ya.thanx for sharin as usual.and dont work to hard.im gonna see mom tomorrow so hope she is doin ok. dont work to hard now ya hear.luv ya!

Mrs CeCrux said...

Thnx Old K....My sisters pitt is a big baby, she's the best!

my cold is slowly getting better jim, i hope mom is doing ok too, i am going to call her at the hospital today...love ya too xxx

Gurkiss said...


I don´t know if you like me to write to you in English or in Swedish?!

My english is not the best so i write to you in Swedish insted :)

Trevligt med en resa hem till din familj. Hoppas att du har haft det bra trotts att du varit sjuk.

Nyfiken som man är så har jag en liten fråga till dig.
Hur kommer det sig att du flyttat till Sverige?

Hoppas att du har en bra helg.

Mrs CeCrux said...

Gurkiss...du kan skriva på svenska till mig om du vill, men min svenska är inte så bra...jag kom till sverige därfor att min man är svensk...jag kom till sverige i december 2006...jag tycker om sverige! Hoppas du har en bra helg också