Sunday, September 30, 2007

Star Struck...

Today was something else as I got to cook lunch for 4 quite well known Ice Hockey stars who play for Frolunda Indians. They came into the cafe, ordered, I cooked, waited about 5 minutes after they sat down to go pay them a visit. Yeah I know... leave them alone but I couldn't. It's the american in me. So I said "Hi, can you do me a favour please and sign this (stupid food order sheet,it's all I had!) I would really appreciate it so much, I know your eating and all. I'm really sorry."

The Canadian #18 said sit, I said I couldn't because I'm cooking and I'll burn someones food. He said sit for a second and we'll sign it. And so I sat right next to him..yay!!!!!!! at the table with all 4 of them. I was nervous and my hands were shaking. So they passed the paper around and signed it and I appologized again for bothering them. I stupidly asked the canadian if he was the only american on the team and he said "Actually I'm canadian."...duh!!!!!!!.. I'm so stupid and made myself look like an ass. before I could react to it he asked me where I was from. I said near Philadelphia, then I got up and said I really have to go before I burn someones meal, and thank you so much! yay!!! I'm excited. Apparently the canadian and another one of those guys were in last week but I was at school and missed them.

Tuesday I meet the Prime Minister of Sweden, in 2 days...My husband was right when he said that metting hockey players is better! These are the guys I met today....

#7 Antti-Jussi Niemi

#12 Karl Fabricius

#18 Steven Kariya

#31 Ari Ahonen

I had my mobile phone in my pocket and could of asked for a picture with them but decided I had bothered them enough. I'll ask the Prime Minister for a
As they left Steven said to me, "thank you it was very good".....woohoo, I did something right in the kitchen today.

Now I have to figure out what to do with this paper they autographed to keep it safe.


Old Knudsen said...

I get bothered all the time for my autograph but its all about the fans, hey I thought Canadians were American I mean its the same country isn't it?

That would be a sarcastic remark for those who call me Irish when they hear I'm from Northern Ireland.

Maja said...

Ooh, they're all a bit handsome aren't they! I'm sure they appreciated having a fan :)

MOM said...

WOE! you go girl. you sure do meet a lot of important ppl there. to top it off an autograph of the hockey team players. yes get a pic of you and the priminist on Tuesday. will be looking for it here, better blog about it, lol. i am so excited for you. Love you,

Mrs CeCrux said...

no we are not all the same old k sheesh! you'd get killed for a comment like that.

yes maja they are!

I will do my best mom to get a you too xxxxx