Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hell's Kitchen...and not Gordon Ramsey's either.

One day at work feels like a thousand.
I think I'll curl up and die now.
Today I actually questioned myself as to why I became a chef...Oh yeah, because it's what I love to do. However when I got to work I was informed yet another person was going to be 'sick' today...that's 3 people..ugh!!!!!

So I was left to deal with the hundreds of customers today on my own...nobody to help me do anything...of course I only cook, but thats not the point. I run out of shit and don't have time to prep anything, thats where the other chef comes in. We help each other out. Especially on days like today when I have a HUGE line of order tickets. I don't want to take my time and keep people waiting for their food. It's got to be hot.

They can just get their food, swallow it up, and get the fuck, sort-of.

I only think this way at this job because I get annoyed here very easily. It's because the owner has no sense. Well she does, she just doesn't give a shit about it being illegal for people to work 10 hours straight with no break!

Apparently the only one helping me today was my shadow....lazy fu%ker. Doesn't do a damn thing but stand behind me all day, like everyone else at work. No...excuse me, they do stuff,their stuff, they just get in my way. GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!. If only once I could yell at them. Oh wait, I can..hehe

I just choose not to.

However, there was like 2 or 3 of them right behind me today,for no reason at all,(waitresses) when I turned around with a hot pan, I told them they can't be here, someone's going to get hurt. For god's sake!!!!


Perfect Virgo said...

At least you can depend on your shadow!

MOM said...

Sorry you had such a bad day. maybe next work day will be better.Love the first reply. He is so funny at times
love you,

Old Knudsen said...

Too many cooks spoil the broth so that must have tasted pretty good.

Maja said...

Man I hate it when people stand around and get in your way. It sucks! Especially when you're busy.

I used to get so annoyed at people who called in sick.. because you just don't have any backup in these situations. Sucky!