Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vi var på stan idag.

We were at the natural history museum today looking at bugs and many funny furry animals...I'll keep this short and sweet due to the amount of photos.

My favourite bush monkey!!! Made me crack up. He looks scared.

No comment for this guy!

You can't see his crossed eyes due to the light but he was silly!

We are not sure why they layed these dead birds in the way they did when all the others were pretty and looking quite natural. They look cartoonish laying there all stiff and stuff.

This bear looked like he was talking and sitting quite comfortably.Actually he looks drunk and I think he's burping.

My favourite tiger!

It's a roo!!

This guy could swallow you whole. It was found in Swedish waters in the 1800's.

They took his bones out for display.

My favourite freaks...A siamese twin baby in water..and yes they are real, but this all was before anyone had any human concerns or rights I guess you could say.

Siamese cows anyone?


The Hairy Swede said...

glorious pictures!

Maja said...

What a crazy museum...

mogLi said...

the birds really look they just dropped dead from the sky! hahaha! but those are quiet morbid fetus picture! i haven't been to this museum. i'll take a visit one of this grey days.

Old Knudsen said...

I like the way you said the whale was found in Swedish waters, those bush babies remind me too much of Lemurs, fuck I hate Lemurs.