Monday, February 4, 2008


It's really beautiful outside today.
I took Tyson out for a walk and I couldn't get over how nice it is.
A bit early in the year for this, especially seeing as the only snow we got was a dusting a few weeks back.

I can hear the birds chirping from where I am sitting and I wonder if they too are messed up because of the sudden change in season. It is still winter though it doesn't seem like it. At least for today.

Those birds are really going a it. I also can't believe that there is not one cloud in the sky. It has been dark for weeks. It is not supposed to be this light yet this early on in the year. The world sure is changing. All I want is a good snow-fall that lasts for at least a week. I will be so happy then.

Not a lot going on here really. I am going to try again at knitting socks. I found a pattern for two needle ones, the only thing is, that I have to sew them up really carefully up the back we'll see what happens! I am just waiting for P to come home from driving school, then I guess we will play on the x-box for a little bit.

My mom is in the hospital, again. I don't know what I will do with my parents. My dad has problems with an anurism in his brain, my mother has cancer and....I don't know. I was hoping I wouldn't see this happening to them until I was at least closer to 50. You never know what life is going to throw at you. The worst thing, I can only do so much from Sweden. I know my sister and brother will do all they can.

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Michelle Dawn said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your Mom not being well. Keep strong and think good thoughts. Love and laughter are the best medicine!

I see all your knitting and crocheting projects. Wow girl, you ARE ambitious :) (And sweet)