Friday, February 29, 2008

Whats new do you ask?

Well, I have the weekend off of work.
My sister had an operation today, which I have to find out how it went...She's living in the US.
Uhhm...I'm exhausted!
Oh yeah and it actually rained today..oh wait, it rains everyday.

Big thing, I got my Swedish taxes done, all except for the signing of a paper and my American taxes are done, and in fact I am just getting ready to pay the bill for the nice man in Stockholm who did them for me. A lawyer from New York who, obviously, lives here now and is being very kind and helpful to others, like me, who can't wrap our minds around about how to file for one country when you live in another.

Knitting news? Well, I am in love with my yarn..I have a pattern I am going to make that I am in LOVE with!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
It's so cute, Look, here's a pic of what they will look like when done.

The only difference that I will be making to these is that it will only be brown and pink, no white, and no pom-poms on them........Aren't they cute??????????????? I'm only going to use 1 shade of pink also.
I am DYING for a pink and brown 'something' to go with my brown jacket. Actually I noticed that this person who made these left a detail off. There are supposed to be tall pines on the cuff of the mittens. They are after-all named "Squirelly Swedish Mittens"...can't have swedish without tall pines!
These green ones will be what mine look like, but again, in pink and brown. OOooooooo..Love-them!


Anonymous said...

You should try to make Lovika-vantar, they are absolutely gorgeous

Mrs CeCrux said...

I had a look at them. They look simple enough to make AND very cute!

mom said...

wow, awesome, cute. Have fun making them. Better post a pic when you have them done.
I am better now. no sickness now, finally. Love You Mom XXXX

Knitting Bandit said...

I love the little pink ones with the fuzzy balls. Too cute!