Monday, March 24, 2008

Look what happened today...

I took this from the front window of the restaurant I work in.
It's snowing!!

And this one from the upstairs window here at home..

Its laid on the ground pretty good now.
From what i understand it should keep snowing all night and have snow storms for the next few days.

Well I have worked a long hard week right through easter. I am BEAT!
I finished off the bottle of wine and I just wanted to make a quick post before I go to bed, or fall over.
Whichever comes first is fine with me.

I have been trying to finish up knitting projects that I have started.
So far I am down to three.
Tomorrow I get to mail a special item I knitted, to Canada.
Had to wait for payday, and seeing as we only get paid once a month was a long 1 1/2 - 2 week

I found a few things that I dare to try and make, two of them cardigans which I am excited about because I want to venture where I never have before in knitting. So far I can make all winter wear (scarves, hats, mittens, gloves etc...) and socks and blankets and I have learned to be my own designer which is exciting too.

Enough of my's time for bed!


Michelle Dawn said...

So it's still snowing eh? At least you can make use of all that winter wear you are knitting :)

Mrs CeCrux said...

Yep, still comming down as i sit here. We have another week of it yet. I'm hoping to get to use some of my knitted stuff to keep me warm! I have to finish them