Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More pix..again.

I was on my way to work this morning and felt like snapping a few shots.
This is just past Hagakyrkan looking towards Vasa.

This is Hagakyrkan itself. Its pretty in the snow! I love how the lights on the tower show through the remaining darkness of the morning.

This is Skansen Kronan up on the hill. It was built to scare off the Danes way back when, before the 1800's??. It has a nice crown made of gold sitting on top of it. Shines nice in the sun. Now it doesn't look from this pic that it's sitting up high on that hill, but that hill is pretty damn steep! I walked up that hill once...whew! The view from the top is magnificent! You can see almost the whole city.


Michelle Dawn said...

Ooh, you definitely have an eye for photography :)

Maja said...

So wintery!

Mrs CeCrux said...

Thanks michelle.

deffo maja....but next week its going to be warm again and all the cold wet snow will finally be gone...or so i hope anyways!!!

Cin said...

Hi sissy....its me Cin. Damn I miss you. The pics of the snow look awesome....but glad u have it n not me. Thought id pop in and say hi.....asta la vista

Mrs CeCrux said...

my sis!!!!!!!!!!
My god its been ages!!!
god i miss you too xxxxxxx
i need to call home.