Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm back

Yeah so I have decided to blog again today. The first time in a few hundred years.
Been busy lately working and working and...well, working!
I am just about finished with a baby blanket for Michelle. I hope she likes it. I just have a few tiny little details to put on it to give it that 'touch' I took it off of my sidebar because I didn't want to have the final pic to be there....It's to be saved for when it arrives in Canada.

Not much going on really. The weather looks nice out there but yet I haven't stuck my nose out the door so it could be cold for all I know. I need to get my butt in gear and get dressed. Thinking about taking a walk with the dog seeing as it looks like it might not actually rain for once.

I can tell it is spring because all the little wild flowers that grow have peeked out of the ground and also because the buds have stuck ther faces out of all the little trees and bushes.
Personally I think it all happened a bit too soon. Especially for this altitude on the map of the world.'s February (it was) and the buds are peeking out..That's pretty messed up if you ask me! Have a great weekend...


Perfect Virgo said...

Talking of climate, check how far south on the map Prince Edward Island is. Amazingly we line up with the latitude of Southern France. Yet the weather is arctic. Minus 12 today and that's an improvement on recently. No buds on our trees until end of April, beginning of May.

Michelle Dawn said...

I'm sure I'll love the blanket -and so will the baby :) I wish it was getting closer to spring here... still big snow banks all around. Winter seems to last forever in Canada. Just when you think it's receding BANG another pile of snow.

mom said...

Thge weather is improveing here in the states.
My tulips and daffodils are up, not the buds yet. My lilac bush has buds on it. I have to get the yard raked up soon.Lots of dead leaves from the fall. The azealia bushes have survived the winter.
have a super great week.

Mrs CeCrux said...

PV: I didnt know you guys matched up to france...funny how the weather is different....funny how sweden doesnt realy have

Michelle: I always hated when you go shopping and the snow banks take up parkinf spaces.

Momma: I hope your flowers all come up this year!!!

Pernilla said...

I don't like that it's happening this soon either... But you gotta love the sun and the warmth! here In Målilla (Eastern Småland) it's been sunny and 5-9 degrees for weeks. The flowers are pretty but it can't be good for the climate.

Maja said...

It's almost April, really!

Mrs CeCrux said...

ahhh we got snow...what the heck???????????????? i'll post pictures