Sunday, April 6, 2008


F***ing work!
I'm telling you that I love my job but mother of all gods it beats the shit out of you on the weekends...some people...they just don't get it.

They butt in line, waiting to order, see me cooking and come to ask me if I can cook them their food awhile so they don't have to wait like everyone else, when there is like 20 people in front. what???????????
THEY have to should you!!

Anyways...nothing going on, work and more work...knitting...reading...uhm..that's it.

I'm sleepy.


Mom said...

Wow what a bad work day. Wish it was a tad easier on the weekends. That really has to be the hardest days. Sleep in when you get a day off. Rest up/ Love you.XXXXXXX

Michelle Dawn said...

Yeah, some people suck. It's true.

Maja said...

Your food must be so awesome! :)

The Hairy Swede said...

I didnt even know Swedes could be that forward and demanding.