Monday, April 28, 2008

A Day at the Opera.........

Last night was the first time in my life I went to the opera.
It was origionally done by Tjajkovskij and has been done many times ever since.
The name of it was Eugen Onegin.

I was quite pleased actually, and it was only 3 hours long with a 20 minute break in between. I took only 3 pictures and they were a bit overexposed because of the bright lighting on stage.

It was about a poor girl (Tatjana) who fell in love with a man (Onegin), but Onegin was flirting with his best friends girl, who also happened to be Tatjanas sister Olga. Tatjana became heartbroken. Eventually Onegin and his friend Lenskij had it out about the flirting and they had a duell, and Onegin shot and killed Lenskij, then he ran away for a few years.

When Onegin returned he met Tatjana again, but now she was married to another, and wealthy. He fell in love with her but she told him it was too late. It was a love story, drama. It was really great. All the way from the whole cast being out dancing and singing to the parts where it was only one or two main persons on stage singing.

I often wondered how they didn't break each others ear drums when they sang in their faces. They had no microphones and they were extremely loud. We sat on the balcony and even from there it was very high pitched. It was amazing to watch this and have a live orchestra playing. I give it a 10!

The singing was done in russian and then there was a digital board above the stage where the words were written in swedish, old swedish. I didn't understand all of it but I understood most of the words I read. I didn't have to look up too often because you could pretty much tell what was going on just by watching. Thats the point right? Watching the story unfold. A picture says a thousand words, or so they say. But I looked when I got curious as to what they were arguing about or saying to each other.

HERE is a short clip of what we watched. It's the same singers etc...Turn on your speakers.

This is my overexposed picture from the scene of the Ball.
Onegin to the far left dancing with his leg in the air with Tatjianas sister Olga.


Michelle Dawn said...

Oh I'd love to go to an opera. Don't you feel cultured now? :)

Mrs CeCrux said...

Actually I do

It's what Paul said when we were there, that it never hurts anyone to be a little cultured.

mom said...

Very cultured blog. Love the story.
Two more days. I can't wait. Love you Mom XXXXXXXXX

Maja said...

Looks awesome. I've never been to an opera. Sounds like it would be a great experience.

jimbwolive1 said...

wow i never though you would have done something like this at all but glad ya went and had some fun.

jimbwolive1 said...

ah looks like ya had fun i never exspected this from you. well a new adventure is always something nice to do anyways