Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Say Whaaaat??

Well I haven't exactly been blogging lately.
I have been busy with my mother in the hosptial and trying to sort through a few things back here in the USA.

I kind of have to laugh when something happens like today...I go to the mall to get a card for wireless internet for my laptop....While waiting, a girl walks in the store and the alarm goes off. One of the guys who works there says pretty loudly.."Stop and get down on the floor!! What did you steal????!!!"

Then he laughs and tells her he is just joking, she just walked in the door. I KNOW for certain that will never happen back in Sweden. I can't just get over how different it is here between the two countries. When the guy who intalls the stuff on my laptop looks at the keyboard he says 'Whats all these extra buttons for?" I told him I bought it in Sweden and they are vowels we don't have in english... then he proceeds to ask me to pronounce them...come on now.

I felt...overwhelmed by the difference. I guess I am still having a culture shock even though I have been here a week and a half. They just don't come out and say stuff there like they do here in the US...I'll get over it I guess.


Michelle Dawn said...

Paul and I continue to find differences between Canadian and UK cultures. You wouldn't expect it, but there are quite a lot.

Maja said...

According to a document I read at work, regarding overseas travel, culture shock occurs a few weeks or even months after arriving overseas. Maybe it's just starting to kick in for you now?

It's amazing how different all the countries in the world are. So many subtle things.

Mrs CeCrux said...

Michelle...it's amazing how different it can be even when you speak the same language..

Maja: It's pretty big for me, the difference..and a culture shock in my home country?...2 weeks in and i'm getting better but sometimes..i dunno...americans are pretty weird, they stress too much and I can't get over this is how I was before I started to become 'swedish'...thats life i guess