Friday, July 25, 2008

Well, what can I say? The weather has been gorgeous lately and not too hot. At least since the heat wave has left, but summer isn't over yet! Going to go shopping this weekend with my oldest sister to a place she didn't know about, then going to have a cookout with my boys in Longs Park and run ourselves ragged....Next weekend I am going to Ocean City-Maryland with Brad and Caleb and some of Brads friends. We'll take the boat out and go fishing in the Atlantic ocean and watch Cal get sick because he always does...hehe

Not much been going on, taking my mom to her radiation treatments, so far so good I think.

Found out my boss has alpacas...which made me extremely excited. They just had them sheared and most of the wool has been sent to be cleaned and made into yarn. However....they have a few boxes of the wool left, which will come to me, or one box will, and then i will make my own yarn, I will dye it and make something out of it. Apparently my boss' wife is starting a yarn shop and she's almost ready to open in a few months.

She needs help though with items to be displayed. She asked me if I could knit and crochet a few items for sale and I said yes. I will be compensated for my time and work..woohooo
There are a few other women who will be doing the same. The shop will get filled with yarn from their alpacas, and projects for sale made from that very same yarn.

Possibly a spinning class will be taught and I am in search of a wheel.
I was actually thinking of asking my brother to make me a spinning wheel since he is such a GOOD worker with wood. I am dying to own my own wheel but dunno if I am willing to pay a few hundred for one.

Les see what happens!

I am actually making progress again on my sweaters. I work with them at the end of the day while I am still at work. The last hour is basically me doing nothing because there is nothing to do!! The same can be said for the other co-worker who is with me at the end of the day...he reads books.. I knit


Maja said...

How cool is that! Good for you. I thought the knitting was just a hobby when you were bored in Sweden, but it really is a full blown interest for you. Awesome stuff.

Michelle said...

I hear you can get some really nice yarn from Alpacas! There is a farm close to here.