Monday, August 18, 2008

Chop Tank River fishing weekend!!

I'll make this short and sweet. Brad and I went with Daryl, La, Matt and Logan to Chop Tank River, Maryland for some night fshing, though we fished in the day too and also went crabbing...but we had the wrong bait to catch crabs...crap!

Friday night we caught about 60 fish between all of us, we didn't know if they were keepers but they were biting left and right. Mostly small fish. We would stay out from 2pm till 2 am and then go to our hotel.....sometimes we would fall asleep on the bridge we were fishing from. But let me tell you.....walking 1 1/2 miles out to where we had to fish on this bridge was a pain in the ass coz we took EVERYTHING including a grill...never again. Saturday we caught some more fish.....this time we had keepers! Sunday we had 2 more keepers.....all in all I had brought home 9 fish and 1 fish I was close to keeping but it was 1/2 inch too short....damnit!!!!!!!!!!!

And anyways..on to the short and are a few pictures.

Brad fishing with 2 rods at once Sunday morning.

Brad caught an eel and a croaker fish at the same time.

Saturday we went to a different spot for a few hours about an hour from Cambridge. La is in the background in yellow on the chair and this is Daryl, her husband, in the front.

Brad night fishing on Friday night.

Brads first big fish..hehehehe...KISS KISS!

Saturday night when the sun went down.

My 17 1/2 inch Striper bass!!!!! Matt's holding it for me...he swallowed the hook :(

La caught this little guy by accident, she hooked him through the

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