Saturday, September 6, 2008

Missing my 2nd home

I miss the language.....i miss my old home. i miss my friends. i miss riding the spårvagn to work. i miss my co-workers and going out to cafes, sitting at a table on the sidewalk watching life go by.

i miss the weather and yes, i miss seeing arabs everywhere i go. It was a big part of my life to live there in sweden. i fell in love with the country and i miss living next to the sea. i miss dressing the way i did then. everyone had a different style, not like here...Over there everyone dressed like they just stepped out of a magazine and even if you dressed like a was cool.

i still have clothes from there but its hard for me to wear them here because i stick out.
i miss the fashion.

i just miss it period. it makes me want to cry because i feel like my hearts been broken not being there. This week has been particularly the hardest for me. i dont know why.

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