Thursday, September 4, 2008


Not much has been going on lately.
I am getting ready though to take the Postal Battery test.
If I pass then I am one step closer to being employed by the United States Postal Service,
which has the best benefits ever! And it pays mounds of money!!!

I have been studying te booklet they gave me and so far I am doing really well on the practice tests. It's not hard, all except for the memorization part. At first it was tough, but now....I'm getting better. Next week I will set up my appointment to go take the real thing.

The first thing I will do if I get a job there is buy a house. It's all I want. A place for the boys and a nice yard for my dog to run around in. On the tests it is all on a time limit and you have to be fast and accurate. At the end of the test I can check my answers in the back of the book and score myself. So far so good!

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