Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy day, Lazy weekend

Well my weekend consisted of running around like a fool on saturday, going to 2 amish farms, speaking to 2 amish girls...funny stuff there and also saving a baby cow...yes, my mother and I saved a calf. Basically after we trapsed about to 2 amish farms buying their vegetables and looking for their fresh eggs, I drove past another only to turn around because there were baby cows and they were too cute to pass up. Shame I didn't have my camera. They would all take off to the other side of the gates when we came close, but one couldn't move and upon closer inspection we seen he had his head stuck in between 2 metal feeding rungs. The wrong side though. So I told my mom we have to do something.

Mom tried picking up his head, and I had his neck, to see if we could get it up higher into the more open part so he could get unstuck....but he was a stubborn little guy. Mom said to go to the house and get help, and so I did....stopping on the way to pet the larger milking cows who tried to eat my fingers and they slobbered alllll over my hands...blech! But they were cute too!

The lady of the house came out with her son and she asked the boy to climb in, but with his good shoes on he didn't want to get cow poop on them, so he didn't. I asked if I would get kicked if I got in while her and I pulled his head and neck up, because would have been fun to be in with all the little calfs, but by then he came free. It made my day!

Sunday was spent, litterally all day, cooking off a long neck pumpkin, squashing it and then making 2 pumpkin pies. I know, it's not Thanksgiving for another few weeks but I couldn't resist. I had taken my oldest son to his dads house and played with the 4 cute little 5 day old puppies he has and then went to dinner at Olive Garden with Brad where I decided to stuff myself into oblivion.

That was a mistake as I paid for it all night, with no sleep and lots of pain. So I took the day off today to recoup for the lack of sleep and also coz my tummy was still not up to par. I slept...and well.. I feel better. The weekend was so busy I had no time to much so my back killed me on saturday and part of sunday.

Either way tomorrow I must go back to work and on friday after work I will head to Penn State..woooooooot!! for the weekend I will do nothing but relax and sleep and relax and sleep. I love going to the mountains in Penn State..yeah baby!


nick said...

penn state! i'm very very jealous. let's catch up when you get a chance...It's Nick by the way lol

Ms. Kimba said...

Nick? The only Nick I know nick...with twins nick? holy shit..where've you been hiding?

smek this! said...

Greetings from Sweden!
You have been tagged :)

Old Knudsen said...

Yer life has sure moved on a fair bit good luck for this new chapter.