Thursday, November 6, 2008

And so it begins..

Lately I feel as though I don't have time to write. My schedule is full and more hectic than ever. Though I do realize it wouldn't be so busy if I just laid down the law.
Set my own rules,
and stopped letting my heart rule me.

It's not all about having time to write, but about having time for me. Things need to slow down and thats basically it.

In other news, the knitting scene for me has picked up to a pace that I can barely keep up with. With everyone wanting me to make them something, it gets hard for me to make things for myself as well..I don't know how to say no, yet if I had "ME" time, it'd be very easy to accomplish everything.

I just started a sweater for myself. I finished my first one for a co-worker and she loved it...thank god!!! Now the one I am making for me however is totally different and much far! I'm working a raglan top down style sweater that is absolutely gorgeous! Lets hope I can make it look just as good as the picture.

I went to the LYS to buy the same yarn the book listed but the color was not in stock so I settled for a gray color, which will go with more of my clothes anyways. I purchased 5 hanks of Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000 which cost me a whopping $48.65. Quite expensive for a sweater but worth it if it turns out nice. I've been getting some wondeful tips from the lovely ladies at  our weekly Stitch n' Bitch meetings on Thursday nights.
I love it!
I got to meet new women, mostly young, get great help and got to give a tip or two myself and get a few hours away every week.

The pattern I am making for the sweater is called Skinny Empire and I found it in a book I bought called Custom Knits, written by Wendy Bernard.

 So far it's going perfectly for me. When I actually get to the empire waist section, it could prove to be challenging, but after last nights SnB meeting, I might understand it....This is what it should look like when finished, but in gray.

we'll see what happens!!!

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Maja said...

Looks very cute!

It's very hard to say no, but practice makes progress. Practice saying no. It will get easier. Or you can just say, ok no worries but be prepared to wait!