Friday, December 18, 2009

Been awhile...

I should probably start writing more again. Not like I have anything better to do.
My mom passed away in October so this is going to be a weird Christmas and honestly, I don't give a rats arse if it comes or not...because without her it's pretty pointless.

I got the boys some gifts and thats about as far as my Christmas will go. I can't believe they will be 15 and 13 in February. Where has the time gone? And It's not like I'm that old. I'll only be 34 Dec. 23rd

Anyways, work is going alright I guess. I got a raise whereas others did not because of the economy. However my boss was able to afford buying everyone a book for us to read so we can have a discussion and so on on how to better ourselves in the work place. Then we can make the company more money. Now what pisses me off is how can he buy us all books and not give the rest of the people a pay raise??? Pisses me off and not fair to them, however they did say that only those who deserved it got one this year, but if you say its coz u can't afford it, then don't buy books you moron.

So that about sums it up. It's Friday, my day of the week that I go in late and work late...ewwww. I have about 30 minutes before I leave so I guess I'll go eat then head out in the cold, and just wait for the snow.


Maja said...

Aw, kim I'm so sorry about your mom, that is awful. She fought a long time. xx

Sucks, working for the man that always puts workers last.. but we've gotta live I guess.

Keep writing, I missed you.

Ms. Kimba said...

Thanks Maja
I'm going to try and keep writing. I get