Saturday, February 27, 2010


I got the shawl in the post that I made for the knitting Olympics (previous post) and on it's way to London along with my handspun Coopsworth to a friends mom. And a copy of the newest Interweave Knits magazine. She doesn't know I'm sending her all this. She will be surprised!

I also started a beret for a friends girlfriend. I know I shouldn't have started something else when I have loads of other things going, but it's a fast knit. Started last night and should be done today.

I just spun this from my roving in the pic below this one..yummmm
This is my Jacob Sheep roving that I bought today at Flying Fibers. It's really nice. Love the smell of it. Must be my nutty side :)
I went to see my baby sister today and my niece Emma. She is way to smart for a 3 year old, and she made me pay $1 for every hug I wanted...I came home
And of course my baby boy Grizbo-monster. He wanted his bone. It took an hour to get one

Not much to say today as I have dinner in the oven and I smell it as I type, better get to it or my guy will go hungry :)

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