Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was trying to get my unfinished projects done, but Larry wants a hat for his son and daughter...I'm hoping this is the last of it because I really want to get my sisters socks done. She has been waiting 2 months so far because everything else gets piled up in front of me.

I started the hat the night before yesterday. Evan is only one year old but his head, well it's big... I had to make some adjustments to the pattern and when I tried it on him last night, it didn't's got to be bigger...sigh*
So I always end up at this point where it has to be frogged, then re-knit again. I'm hoping I have it right this time. I even measured his head! I should be done today. In all honesty I could have it done in a few hours but....well lets hope I don't need to frog it again.

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