Friday, April 23, 2010


Last night I laid around thinking, and knitting and thinking about shawls. How hard can it be to design one?

I'm about to find out. Ever since Heather had the Design Series on her wesbite I just feel the need to do more. I want to do more. So I got an idea, grabbed my graph paper and went to town. I had no idea of the mathematics of a shawl, but it wasn't very hard to figure out once I got going.

The problem is getting the numbers to match up for what I wanted. In the end I succeeded.
Or so I am hoping I have.

The shawl I am currently working on starts with a border, then stitches are picked up along the edge and then the body is knit from there. So instead of it getting bigger, it gets smaller and I really like the idea of that. So thats where I am going with mine. I will only be using that idea of my shawl from Kirsten, but I suppose I have to check and make sure that's ok before I actually make it. The shawl itself is of my own design entirely. I just started sketching what I wanted. So the construction itself is the only part I have to check on. Hoping it won't be a problem.

First I am going to finish up the one I have going by Kirsten Kapur, then I am going to knit my very own and see how it looks. I can only imagine that the first try will be a disaster, but how else will I learn?

I'm so excited about this and if it weren't for Heather I would not be this into it! She made it exciting for me and I hope you pop over to her Website and see what she has going on next.


Heather said...

Awesome - I cannot wait to see what you come up with :) I'm sure it will be great!
Thanks for the shout out - I'm so glad I have inspired you.

Ms. Kimba said...

Welcome :)