Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Like I said...

This is going to be bad. I'm off gauge, not by much it seems, but the sizing has the arm holes at 5.5 inches on a 2 year old??? I'm not sure how to fix this but for the 2T size it is starting to look as though it might fit a 5 year old.
So now I have to figure out just how exactly I can get this to work out....I could have had a better gauge if I knitted tighter, but doing so in this particular yarn makes the yarn break, so I'm a tad loose...fine.
I think maybe if I make the arm holes smaller to just fit Elijah that maybe just maybe thats the only change I have to make.....We'll see tomorrow. For now it might be just a smidge long, but thats what his parents wanted anyways so....Hmm.

( I just realized that maybe I should frog back and go down a needle size)

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