Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fo soon...

I have finally finished a shawl that I have been working on designing. It's one of two shawls actually. It needs to be blocked etc etc and I need to wait for Carmel to finish it too before I can post pictures and put up the pattern. It has to be just right...

I was looking on Ravelry just a few minutes ago and I realized that wow...I have a lot of projects going on, one of which I cannot post for some time, but still.

I have 6 projects going at once.

How many do you have and what are they?


SylverX said...

Oh, goodness . . .a Juliet cardigan, two pairs of socks, a bag, dishcloths on an ongoing basis, a BYOB for the upcoming vacation . . .oh, and I have a vest to finish. Seven? Yipes, looks like we're both not so good off! Ha ha! :D

Jackie said...

I have two pair of socks, one winter and one is a summer footie.
Dishcloth each month for a KAL, my sons sweater that seems to be never ending and all my quilting.
Ha! lots to keep me busy

Ms. Kimba said...