Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday again....

The weekend was really nice, with the exception that the hail storm blew out the cell phone tower nearby, or I should say that blew out the internet service that I was using off of it, because my cell phone is just fine.

Finally today I got back online when I got home, though at a slower pace..2G eww! But better then nothing till they fix the tower on Thursday. Funny how you can feel totally lost without any wireless communication. I'd never survive in the woods alone!

My son got to see his girlfriend and give her the bracelet and the jewelry box he made her in school, she was grinning ear to ear. Puppy love for sure :)

I also had not a thing to do because I had no internet, so I spent a lot of time outside knitting and admiring my rosebush that finally bloomed. Actually I had plenty to do but...
Brad and I took the dogs to the river Sunday afternoon, even though they just had a bath and the river was muddy due to the storm, we let them get in anyways and now they stink..again...another bath won't hurt them.

They are like the 3 amigo's

As far as knitting goes, as I said I got a LOT done. Mostly on the pattern I had designed because I too wanted to make sure it's going the way it should. So far everything is perfect. But now I am wishing I made some changes but it's ok, I'll save the rest for my next shawl.

I'm trying to take it easy because my first attempt I went cazy and nothing slower pace, little more and little more lace as I go and eventually I'll design the shawl that I really want to make. I just have to learn the basics of it and be patient.


Eva i Halmstad said...

goa hundar du har.
Ha de gott

Ms. Kimba said...

ha de gott du med :)