Monday, June 28, 2010

The List

I've actually done a few things on my *List*...ok One thing.

#1 - I have not purchased any new patterns, I've used what's on my Ravelry Queue. I have used 2 so far since the beginning of this personal goal.

#2 - I may have offset #1 by buying more yarn. It was a no-no. Especially since I found out afterwards I had what I needed in my stash. Oops!

#3 - I may have also really put #1 into a negative because I started 2 more projects without having something off the needles and keeping me at no more than 5 projects at a time. I think I might have 7 projects going now..shame on me!

#4 - I may have a sickness....Yarnitis.

And my oldest son gave me a bewildered look when I told him that many others, my friends included, have a yarn stash that makes mine look like a grain of sand compared to theirs. He thought it's not possible. haha!!! His words... "There's no way anyone can have more than you have mom. You have a whole bin!!!!!!"

Poor kid. He just doesn't


Frida said...

Lol.. tell him I have four big boxes, but I got all my grandmothers yarn, so I did not buy it all my self. Time to clean some out too I think.

SylverX said...

Three big bins and a smaller bin for sock yarn. Oh, and it keeps growing. :P

Ms. Kimba said...

I will tell him!!