Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm really trying to knit as fast as I can on a secret project, but work was busy today..
And I kind of started the edging which looked totally stupid, so frogging now and going with the original plan...I can't show you anyways so let's move on...

I replied to a submission call last week and they replied via email to me today. I guess it looks like the end of this month is when I'll hear back from everyone...god the wait! And the way I see it.... If I don't get picked then that will just make me want to work even harder on something more spectacular. I know I can knit anything..it's just ideas...I need ideas!

Maybe I'll actually have a look at one of the million knit books I have. I just need something to jolt my mind.

Anyways, I sound depressing so on to something happy...
I bought 2 oz. of a wool/mohair blend yesterday and started to spin it up. It's really nice and I love the colors...
Not quite sure what I want to make with it yet, but definitely something for a baby. And I know about 3 women who are going to have babies this year. I'm thinking booties...mittens...something along those lines as the weather will be cold when they will be born.


Rainy Daisy said...

pretty! I think booties would be just adorable, like those tiny mary janes?

Good luck with the submission. I know the waiting is just torturous.


Ms. Kimba said...

Thank you :)