Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today is....

A day for dyeing.

I found a great tutorial for dyeing yarn online. I asked the ladies at our knit group and they said the same as what I had found, but I knew I wouldn't remember it all. I looked it up so I had a reference, and I will document my process later today when I get started. I really hope it turns out great!
Well, I kind of forgot to take pictures so I could explain my process. so all I have for you right now is the final product, which by the way is a pretty bad picture because it doesn't show the true color of the yarn. Wood Rose.

I do plan on dyeing some of my hand spun soon so I'll remember to take more pictures with a good explanation of how I dye/how I was told to dye.
In other news..The pictures below in the previous post of Merino was almost all spun up today. I filled a bobbin, made it into a center pull ball and then all disaster broke loose. I spun it pretty tight but I guess not tight enough. I ended up with a massive knot and tried to rewind it but it kept breaking, and then I ended up with an even worse knot.

It was un-reversible so I had to throw a good bit away. My original plans for it are now dashed so I guess I have to go with a plan B as I don't have enough roving now...bummer :(

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