Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well now that my migraine has dissipated I can concentrate on my knitting and spinning.
Which I know realize I have so much roving to spin it's ridiculous.
I have a purpose for a lot of it, most of which has to be spun before the weather turns cold. I have some hunting socks for Brad and his friend Larry that I have to knit and I have the fluorescent orange roving that they want on the tops of their that will have to be done and thats yarn I don't need to buy...

Then I have all the fleece that came in from the mill yesterday that needs to be spun up for my sons' heirloom blankets, more yarn that I don't have to buy. This helps me stick with my goals. Though realistically I know I will buy more yarn, I mean Reinbeck is coming soon!

I finally finished a skein of some roving I bought at Flying Fibers. It was to be bigger but for some reason I ended up with a mess and lost some of it :(
I still have about 2 oz. left of this though that I will spin.

158.66 yds. Merino fingering weight (could have been a bigger skein)

I won't let that happen again and I will have to be more careful. Good thing I have a bit more to spin up yet, and I even have an idea for it....why not stripy socks?? I have some solid creamy white so that would be perfect since I lost some in the disaster...we'll see how it works out.

Happy knitting!

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