Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I went to knit group last night and a few of us went next door for something to eat at Molly's on Main.
I had a GREAT salad and a tuna was so yummy.

I didn't knit that much because I was exhausted so I left early.
When I got home I seen my new bathroom was actually getting worked on which I was happy about. I should have a new tub installed today!

Afterwards I went downstairs to relax and knit. I realized that I'm not happy with the Maile baby sweater..I kinda knew this at my knit group but....I really decided when I got home, that since it wasn't going exactly to plan that I would stop, frog, and use the yarn for something else. But what?

I have a full skein of fingering weight yarn in a beautiful bluish-turquois color. (you can see the color in a previous post)
I could make socks, but I don't want to....

Do you have any ideas what I could make for myself with it that is not a shawl or socks?

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