Monday, August 23, 2010


As you know I have been working on the Maile baby sweater. It sort of came to a halt yesterday when something wasn't making sense. I was working on the sleeves in the round and I noticed that I was to work it till 4.75 " inches.

However, when I had completed every row that was written specifically, I was already past 5" inches. I read and re-read the directions and noticed that it said to stop the sleeves on the wrong side. So did that mean that they are knit flat then seamed? It was not noted anywhere in the directions about seaming, nor did it implicate anything about knitting them in the round as I had done.

Basically nothing was mentioned at all. It was left out of the directions. I emailed the designer and sure enough they are seamed...sigh* I wanted to write to her suggesting maybe she should mention that, but I didn't want to seem I left it be, but part of me wants to say something so another person doesn't become confused.

So late night I recast on for the sleeves. It's not like they take that long. It's for a 3 month old baby...they aren't that big! I do love the sweater though. It's massively cute!

In other news, I'm still waiting on my bathroom in the new house. We still only have framed walls, but no walls at all. Every time the owner says we are going to build and finish our bathroom, it doesn't get done..he goes away or does other things and so here we are waiting. My fiancée needs help because he can't do it alone. So by Wednesday when the neighbors move in to their house that connects to ours, we will have to share the bathroom...I'm not happy. (but at least they are friends of ours!)

I did get a new refrigerator though yesterday so thats a plus in the right direction. My dishwasher still sits in the indoor porch outback waiting for my bathroom upstairs to be finished...the washer and dryer in my kitchen needs to go in the new bathroom upstairs to make room for the work more work, and this is only the beginning. I wish I moved into a move-in-ready house....all this work is killing my knitting time..haha

Happy knitting and Happy Monday!

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