Thursday, October 28, 2010


At work today we discussed some things, strange things, that we have eaten in our time. Balut is by far the oddest I have tried. My ex husband is Filipino and so I ate many many things that were new to me, some good, some very odd. I still cook some things at my house like Adobo and Pancit. They are by far my most favourite!

Anyways, I stumbled upon this earlier this morning...Love it!

I borrowed the pic from Loani

My co-worker Lauren was happy to receive her mittens today.
Pattern was Urban Necessity Gloves
Us 6 needles.
Stupidly forgot to weigh them before giving them away- so no idea how much yarn I used.
Lion Brand Fisherman's wool in Oatmeal
Level of love?: easyyyyyy!!

So I have been on the move with my knitting. I went from 7 projects down to 4 within 2 weeks time! I'm about to take another plunge as today I am going to finish up my Crocus, or try to anyways. It really depends how busy it is at work. I got to finish the sleeves and the button band yet. I really lost my love for the shawl even though I am soooooooo close. That's one I will have to force myself through.
My handspun Granny blanket is not an issue. I just need to make time for spinning. I have 2 hank spun up already but I want to get the cardigan done, work on my mittens and try to get them done if I can. And then concentrate solely on spinning and crocheting for awhile. I'll probably get bored with it and cast on for something to knit. But hey at least I'll knock one more off my Ravelry Queue!

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