Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm falling a bit behind, I think.

I was making great progress on the shawl, could have been done then I got bored with it. Picked up my Ailbe mittens and took them to work. They are too complicated to be working on there because I need simple otherwise mistakes are made. I constantly have to put my knitting down when I have work to do, which is a lot. Some days I sit at my desk with absolutely nothing to do, same with the whole office. Knitting passes the time.

So anyways, my co-worker Lauren was peeking over into my cubicle at my mittens and said how she wants a pair of mittens with a flip top. I mentioned how I have a pair in my Ravelry queue that I have been wanting to make. I showed her and she said yes, she even picked out the yarn from my stash on Ravelry. Lunch time came, I went home, grabbed the stuff, went back to work and got started. I am halfway done with the first mitten.

Problem is, this doesn't get me done with whats on my list. I feel like I sometimes loose motivation for items already started. I wish I knew a way to just do it. I am so close to being 100% done with every project on the needles too.

Happy Knitting and here's to hoping you don't lose your mojo.

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