Monday, October 25, 2010


The fiancée was speaking to a co-worker, or the guy training him on his new job yesterday...I think he said they were speaking about food. Men! Anyways, the co-worker said how his girlfriend likes to spin and Brad said, my girl does too and she knits. However this guy's lady only spins, can't knit. And my guy mentioned the Maryland sheep & looks like eventually I'm going to meet up with this girl, maybe get her to knit???? Or join my LYS and hopefully get her to come to Maryland.

This is all wishful thinking, but there are never too many of us in a crowd and he did say they were gunna hook her and me up so thats pretty cool.

In other things. I read a lot of knitting blogs. In fact it's really the only thing I read online. If it's not knitting or Facebook, I don't really look. So one of them is the Three Irish Girls blog. One of my designs have been accepted by them, (I'm still waiting for publication sometime this month) And I love to read about them and where they (Sharon) is going and doing.

Another is Needled Not only is she a great knitter, but a wonderful designer as well. You may have seen one of her more famous designs called Paper Dolls. I love it but I really don't think I have the patience for colored knitting on a sweater. She usually blogs about her knitting, her walks along the coast of Dublin and her struggles of getting through a stroke. I'm very impressed.

Then we have The Queen of the Tea Cosies. Loanie Prior is full of the most cutest tea cosies ever. I don't know where she gets her inspiration for these cuties but I'm amazed. The color and structure is not like any other you may have seen before.

And last but not least....The Brown Stitch. She has made many many cardigan designs and has just come out with 2 new ones. They are amazing. I have already made one of them. The Crocus cardigan, and I love it. Actually I am currently working on finishing up the sleeves.

There are many more websites I read that are knitting related, but for today I thought I would point just these out. I hope you pop over and have a look and get inspired.

Happy Knitting

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