Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I fell by the wayside

I will be attending the 2011 Stitch & Craft show in London in March. I am so excited that something is going to be happening whilst I'm there. Not only that, but I will finally get to meet Loani.... Queen of the Tea Cosies. How exciting is that??? I'm very excited about this as I have been reading about her for quite some time and she makes the most amazing things out of yarn.
I am guilty of not following the rules again.
Well sort of. I went through my Ravelry list and got rid of everything in my queue that I knew I would not make. So now there are 24 items on that list, not 57.

I also was almost caught up on everything that was a Wip. Then I got a few ideas and started more projects. It doesn't end. However even though there are 7 items that are in progress, one of them is about done and one of them I did not even cast on for yet. So I am still within my 6 at the max limit I set for myself AND I only cast on for what was in my Ravelry queue. That was another goal. Use up the queue first. Afterall that is why I put them there, because I want to make them.

I'm thinking the Andrea's shawl is gunna be in permanent hibernation. I just can't see myself getting it done. I look at it and roll my eyes. All the stockinette killed me.

My new projects I cast on for is the 2x2 Ribbed Hat which is pretty cool but I only started it to see how daunting it would be before I bought the wool for the one I am making my friend.

I also started the Lauren cardigan for myself which I am in love with. This Cascade 220 is like butter in my fingers. I cannot wait to wear this!
When I go to knit group tonight I will have to work on another project, one I have already been working on because I didn't wind anymore hanks for Lauren. I'll have to get on that tonight.

Also I am waiting for head measurements for little Zara so I can make her a winter hat out of some Louet Merino I had hand spun. I didn't know what else to do with it and there is only enough for a hat. And I always hang onto the yarn I make instead of actually using it, so here is my chance to finally do some good with it....I love the color.

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