Saturday, November 20, 2010


So today is a day where I wait in anticipation....
Today is the day another pattern of mine gets published and available for download....however their files are so big they can't get everything we wait.

I hate waiting.

So while I wait to share with everyone my newest pattern I will share with you one of my latest Fo's and a Wip.

This is Tims hat...I don't have a name for it...or a pattern. I cast on 96 sts...did 2x2 ribbing and then increased a stitch every 10 sts 8 times....then I started in stockinette until I get to 5" inches...whereas then I'll check if I am ready to decrease. Just a simple hat for a great friend. I am using size 7 needles and Lana Gatto Camel's soooo soft and buttery.

This is baby Leo's hat. Also a no-namer, just something I made up as I went. I know I used Us 7 needles and some Cormo I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool last year. When I bought the fleece it was very dirty, naturally. So I cleaned it up, carded it, spun it up and now it has finally made itself useful. (though I still have lots more of it to spin)

The other, blue yarn is some Svarta FĂ„ret Freja that I had brought back with me from when I lived in Sweden. It was just sitting there so I was glad to use some up.
So after this I have one more hat to make for little Harry, then I get to send them off with Zara's hat and mitten set to London where I hope they gets lots of use this winter.

Now to sit and wait for my pattern to be released. It's going to be a LONG day!

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