Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glad Torsdag

Looks like the ongoing theme for the 3IG Virginia Shawl KAL on Ravelry, is everyone waiting for their yarn to arrive. In the meantime I have been loaded up, or down, with many projects.

Currently on my needles are:

Lauren Cardigan-also for me
Ailbe Mittens, Crocus, Granny Blanket....all for me..Opps! (not that I'm making any progress on any of them)

Umaro- for Charlottes baby
(my progress so far)
Urban Necessity Gloves-for a co-workers friend.
And lastly...a hat for my co-worker Lee (Need to buy the yarn this weekend)

Umaro is Jared Floods newest addition which you can view HERE. I am very addicted to knitting it and watching how the pattern grows as I place each new stitch on my needles. The yarn I am using is from Plymouth Yarns in baby alpaca worsted. It's so soft that I think not only will baby love it, but his/her mommy and daddy too...I hope!!!!

That's currently the one I am trying to finish before I make my way to London in March. And also the Urban Necessity Gloves for my co-workers friend because winter is here, and she's dying to have them she says! Everything else is for me and can wait.

Happy Knitting!

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