Monday, February 14, 2011

I am stoked!

I have been asked to do a little project and I was also asked if I could be featured in March as a designer. I won't say with who....But I am so happy. I'll let you know the details as soon as everything is released.

What a Valentines day!

I am on a deadline and I'm losing a week because I leave for London in 5 weeks. So I have 5 weeks to get everything done and sent to them before I go...

I really really hope that everything turns out as good as I hope it will and that my little hands can knit faster than the wind. The one person with whom I really wanted to share this with is my mom. She is no longer with us but I know she's happy for me. Things are turning out really well.

I hope your Valentines Day turned out as great as mine.

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